Atlas Grove

Notes: Atlas Grove, also known as Rotary Memorial Grove and Rotary Club Grove, is located between Boyes Creek and Prairie Creek in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.

Atlas Grove includes the redwood with the largest crown and highest-class reiteration (Iluvatar), the redwood with the deepest crown (Zeus), the coast redwood with the most leaves (Iluvatar), the fastest-growing (by mass) redwood (Atlas), the largest tree in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park (Iluvatar), 1 of the 20 largest trees on Earth (Iluvatar), and 2 of the 10 largest coast redwoods (Atlas and Iluvatar). The grove contains 8 trees larger than 20,000 ft3 (566 m3), 2 trees larger than 30,000 ft3 (850 m3), and 1 tree larger than 35,000 ft3 (991 m3).

Atlas Grove includes the following coast redwoods:

Zeus is the tallest tree and Iluvatar is the largest and oldest tree in Atlas Grove.

Nearby famous redwoods include

Drive: Atlas Grove is 261 mi (420 km) north of San Francisco near the community of Orick.

From U.S. Highway 101 just north of Orick, take exit 753 Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway. Drive north 1.5 mi (2.4 km) on Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway to Cal-Barrel Road. Turn right onto Cal-Barrel Road, drive east 650 ft (198 m), and park just before the road turns left through a gate. Atlas Grove is on the southwest side of Cal-Barrel Road.

Hike: From the parking area, hike southwest 20 ft (6 m) off-trail to the center of Atlas Grove (between Pleiades 2 and Prometheus). Hike west to visit Atlas, Ballantine, Bell, Broken Top, Buena Vista, Iluvatar, Pleiades 1, and Pleiades 2. Hike east to visit Demeter, Epimetheus, Kronos, Prometheus, Rhea, and Zeus.

Rating: Easy One-Way Distance: 560 ft (171 m) Ascent: 0 ft (0 m)
Time: 10 min Off-Trail: 560 ft (171 m) Descent: 0 ft (0 m)
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Atlas Grove - Rotary Memorial Grove marker Atlas Grove - Iluvatar Tree Atlas Grove - Atlas Tree Atlas Grove - Zeus Tree