01 Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park: Boy Scout, Buffalo Chip, Chesty Puller, Church Tree, Del Norte Titan, El Viejo del Norte, Fesler, Hail Storm, Howland Hill Giant, Juggernaut, Lost Monarch, Mojo, New Hope, Sacagawea, Screaming Titans, and Stout

02 Redwood Experimental Forest: Klamath Mammoth


03 Klamath: Tour Thru

04 Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park: Adventure, Artemis, Atlas, Ballantine, Bell, Big Tree, Broken Top, Brown Creek Giant, Buena Vista, Corkscrew, Demeter, Epimetheus, False Elk, Foothill, Gamato, Gemini, Godwood Creek Giant, Iluvatar, Insane, James Irvine Giant, Knotty Lady, Kronos, Mutant Redwood, Navi, Newton B. Drury, Olympian, Outlier, Pleiades 1, Pleiades 2, Poseidon, Prometheus, Rhea, Sir Isaac Newton, Spartacus, Super Colossus, Terex Titan, Titanic Cathedral, West Ridge Giant, Whitehouse Giant, and Zeus

05 Redwood National Park: ARCo Giant, Crown Jewel, Emerald Giant, Gulch Tower, Harry Cole, Helios, Hill-Davis, Howard Libbey, Hyperion, Icarus, Melkor, Nugget, Orion, Paul Zahl, Redwood Creek Giant, and Tom McDonald

06 Humboldt Redwoods State Park: Aether's Arrow, Alice Rhodes, Apex, Brutus, Bull Creek Giant, Canoe Creek, Dyerville Giant, Founders, Giant Tree, Gray Poison, Harriett Weaver, Idril, John Muir, Laurelin, Millennium, Minaret, Mother and Daughter, Paradox, Paul Zinke, Pinnacle, Pipe Dream, Pyramid Giant, Randy Stoltmann, Rockefeller, Rocket Top, Rockview, Rosebark, Solstice, South Fork, Stratosphere Giant, Tranquility, and Valentine

07 Myers Flat: Shrine

08 Leggett: Chandelier

09 Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve: Mendocino, Montgomery Giant, and Norman J. Hendry

10 Calaveras Big Trees State Park: Louis Agassiz

11 Yosemite National Park: California, Columbia, General Sheridan, Grizzly Giant, and Washington

12 Palo Alto: El Palo Alto

13 Sierra National Forest: Bull Buck and Nelder

14 Giant Sequoia National Monument (Northern): Boole and Ishi Giant

14 Kings Canyon National Park: California, Fallen Monarch, General Grant, Hart, Lincoln, Oregon, Robert E. Lee, and Roosevelt

16 Sequoia National Park: Auto Log, Above Diamond, Adams, Arm, Booker T. Washington, Burgeon, Chief Sequoyah, Chimney, Clara Barton, Cleveland, Colonel Young, Column, Crescent Meadow Road, Dalton, Dean, Diamond, Ed by Ned, Eric De Groot, Floyd Otter, Founders Group, Four Guardsmen, Franklin, General Harbord, General Lee, General Pershing, General Sherman, Gothic Arch, Hamilton, Hazelwood, Hazelwood Pull-Off, Jefferson, King Arthur, Law, Lincoln, McKinley, Monroe, Muir Stub, Near Ed by Ned, Near Gothic Arch, Near Lincoln, Near McKinley, Near Round Meadow, Near Sherman, Near Tunnel Log, Passageway, President, Room, Roosevelt, Sentinel, Susan B. Anthony, Tharp's Log, The Cloister, The House, The Senate, Tunnel, Tunnel Log, and Washington

17 Giant Sequoia National Monument (Southern): Adam, Allen Russell, Bannister, Bent Tree, Black Mountain Beauty, Candelabra, Castro, Conehead, Euclid, George Bush, Genesis, Ghost, Great Bonsai, Great Goshawk, Gutless Goliath, Hercules, Methuselah, Mountain Home Monarch, Near Gutless Giant, Oliver Twist, Packsaddle Giant, Patriarch, Proclamation, Red Chief, Red Hill Giant, Stagg, Summit Road, Three Fingered Jack, Waterfall, and Window