Redwood Rankings
Rank Tallest Coast Redwoods Largest Coast Redwoods Largest Giant Redwoods
1 Hyperion Juggernaut General Sherman
2 Helios Iluvatar President [1]
3 Nugget Del Norte Titan General Grant
4 Stratosphere Giant Newton B. Drury Lincoln
5 Paradox El Viejo del Norte Robert E. Lee [1]
6 Icarus Terex Titan Stagg
7 Laurelin Howland Hill Giant Boole
8 Orion Sir Isaac Newton Franklin
9 Millennium Atlas Genesis
10 Minaret Bull Creek Giant King Arthur
11 Mendocino Adventure Monroe
12 Apex ARCo Giant Floyd Otter
13 Mother & Daughter West Ridge Giant Ishi Giant [2]
14 Pipe Dream Artemis Adams
15 Alice Rhodes Big Tree Undisclosed [3]
16 Rockefeller Elk Column
17 Paul Zahl Jupiter Summit Road
18 Harry Cole Giant Tree Euclid
19 Lone Fern Brown Creek Washington
20 Norman J. Hendry Fangorn General Pershing
21 Paul Zinke Bell Diamond
22 Aether's Arrow Foothill Adam
23 Harriett Weaver Redwood Creek Giant Roosevelt
24 Pyramid Giant Spartacus Nelder
25 Randy Stoltmann Sacagawea Above Diamond
26 Rocket Top Godwood Creek Giant Hart
27 Valentine Ravine Giant Grizzly Giant
28 Pinnacle Zeus Chief Sequoyah
29 Gulch Tower Prometheus Methuselah
30 Daedalus Undisclosed [4] Hamilton

Note: Redwood height and volume rankings change occasionally as trees grow, suffer injury, or fall and as updated measurements and new discoveries are published. Rankings shown above reflect last-disclosed dimensions.

1. Volume estimates for President and Robert E. Lee include reiterated stems and branches. Excluding reiterations and branches, President and Robert E. Lee rank as the 3rd and 11th largest giant redwoods respectively.

2. Ishi Giant lost significant volume after the 2015 Rough Fire and, pending updated volume estimates, likely no longer ranks among the 30 largest giant redwoods.

3. Undisclosed 37,783 ft3 (1,070 m3) giant redwood in Mountain Home Grove in Giant Sequoia National Monument.

4. Undisclosed 24,392 ft3 (691 m3) coast redwoood in Orion Grove in Redwood National Park.