Dead Sentry - NOT The World's Oldest Tree
Height: 22.50+ ft (6.86+ m) Elevation: 10,270 ft (3,130 m) GPS Latitude: 37.38956
Volume: Creek: Black Canyon Creek GPS Longitude: -118.18157
Width: 6.05 ft (1.84 m) Grove: Schulman Grove Discovery Date:
Age: Park: Inyo NF Discovered By:

Notes: Dead Sentry, a tree depicted on many souvenirs sold at Schulman Grove Visitor Center, often found in internet image searches for Methuselah or world's oldest tree, and displayed on the cover of Inyo National Forest Atlas, is NOT the world's oldest tree. It is a long-dead bristlecone pine snag without bark, cambium, or foliage.

Nearby famous bristlecone pines include Methuselah Patriarch Pine Alpha

Drive: Dead Sentry is 235 mi (378 km) east of San Francisco near the community of Big Pine.

From U.S. Route 395 near Big Pine, transfer to California State Route 168 East. Drive east 13 mi (21 km) on California State Route 168 East and turn left onto White Mountain Road toward Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. Drive north 10 mi (16 km) on White Mountain Road and turn right into the Schulman Grove Visitor Center parking lot.

Road Warning: White Mountain Road is unmaintained during winter. Depending on snow levels, White Mountain Road is usually open from May through November. Visit for more information.

Hike: From trailhead at the northern edge of the parking lot, hike north 0.3 mi (0.5 km) on the western half of Discovery Trail loop to Dead Sentry which stands beside the trail on your right. After visiting Dead Sentry, hike south 0.3 mi (0.5 km) on the eastern half of Discovery Trail loop to Pine Alpha.

Rating: Easy One-Way Distance: 0.3 mi (0.5 km) Ascent: 244 ft (74 m)
Time: 10 min Off-Trail: 23 ft (7 m) Descent: 71 ft (22 m)
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Dead Sentry Tree

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Dead Sentry Tree Dead Sentry Tree Dead Sentry Tree Dead Sentry Tree Dead Sentry Tree