Garfield Grove

Notes: Garfield Grove, named in 1916 to honor James A. Garfied, the 20th President of the United States, is located near Garfield Creek on the northern slopes of Dennison Mountain in Sequoia National Park. On September 25, 1890, President Benjamin Harrison signed legislation to establish Sequoia National Park which preserved Garfield Grove, Hockett Meadow, and other areas along the South Fork of Kaweah River as a public park, or pleasure ground, for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.

Garfield Grove includes 2 of the 15 largest trees on Earth (Floyd Otter and King Arthur). The grove contains 5 trees larger than 25,000 ft3 (708 m3), 3 trees larger than 30,000 ft3 (850 m3), and 1 tree larger than 40,000 ft3 (1,133 m3).

King Arthur is the largest tree in Garfield Grove.

Garfield Grove includes the following giant redwoods:

  • Sawtooth

Photos: Pictures of Garfield Grove

Garfield Grove - Homer's Nose Garfield Grove - Bigfoot Tree Garfield Grove - King Arthur Tree Garfield Grove - Floyd Otter Tree Garfield Grove - Eric De Groot Floyd Otter and King Arthur Trees