Insane - Redwood with Most Crown Reiterations
Height: 341.04+ ft (103.95+ m) Elevation: 419 ft (128 m) GPS Latitude: 41.37462
Volume: 10,570 ft3 (299 m3) Creek: Prairie Creek GPS Longitude: -124.01066
Width: 11.44 ft (3.49 m) Grove: Hunnewell-Donald Grove Discovery Date: August 2011
Age: 859 y Park: Prairie Creek Redwoods SP Discovered By: Stephen C. Sillett

Notes: Insane, the southern tree of a pair of fused coast redwoods, is the redwood with the most-reiterated crown known. The crown contains over 700 reiterated trunk segments with a combined length of more than 0.7 mi (1.2 km).

Insane is directly in the path of the August 12, 2045 total solar eclipse.

Drive: Insane Tree is 262 mi (422 km) north of San Francisco near the community of Orick.

From U.S. Highway 101 just north of Orick, take exit 753 Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway. Drive north 1.8 mi (2.9 km) on Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway and turn right into the to the Big Tree Wayside parking lot 0.4 mi (0.6 km) past Cal-Barrel Road.

Hike: GPS-assisted navigation is recommended for this hike. From the trailhead at the northeastern corner of the parking lot, hike east 40 ft (12 m) to the junction with Foothill Trail. Turn left at the trail junction and hike north 250 ft (76 m) on Foothill Trail to Big Tree. Just past Big Tree, veer right and hike east 230 ft (70 m) on the southern half of Circle Trail to the junction with Cathedral Tree Trail. Veer left at the trail junction and hike north 300 ft (91 m) on Circle Trail to the trail exit point, near 41.37437 -124.01221, where a small bridge which crosses an unnamed creek. Leave the trail here and, using a GPS device, hike east 0.1 mi (0.2 km) off-trail to Insane.

After visiting Insane, hike southeast/uphill 840 ft (256 m) off-trail to Outlier.

Rating: Moderate One-Way Distance: 0.2 mi (0.3 km) Ascent: 130 ft (40 m)
Time: 20 min Off-Trail: 0.1 mi (0.2 km) Descent: 0 ft (0 m)
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Insane Tree

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