Muir Grove

Notes: Muir Grove, named to honor naturalist John Muir, the father of our National Park System and patron saint of the American wilderness whose activism led to the establishment of several national parks and to the preservation of forests in the western United States, is located near Dorst Creek at the northwestern edge of Sequoia National Park.

Excluded from the original park, Muir Grove became part of Sequoia National Park when the park expanded on October 1, 1890.

The grove contains 3 trees larger than 25,000 ft3 (708 m3) and 1 tree larger than 30,000 ft3.

Dalton is the largest tree in Muir Grove.

Muir Grove includes the following giant redwoods:

Photos: Pictures of Muir Grove

Muir Grove Muir Grove Muir Grove Muir Grove