Orion Grove

Notes: Orion Grove is located beside Elam Creek in Redwood National Park.

Orion grove includes the oldest coast redwood (undisclosed), 1 of the 10 tallest trees on Earth (Orion), and the tallest tree discovered by light detection and ranging (LiDAR) (Orion). The grove includes 3 trees taller than 350 ft (106.68 m), 2 trees taller than 360 ft (109.73 m) and 1 tree taller than 370 ft (112.78 m).

Orion is the tallest tree in Orion Grove.

Orion Grove includes the following coast redwoods:

  • Jim's Tree
  • Maximus
  • Slide Gulch

Photos: Pictures of Orion Grove

Orion Grove - Redwood Creek Orion Grove - Elam Creek Bridge Orion Grove - Canopy Orion Grove - Cathedral Trees Orion Grove - Southern Slope Orion Grove - Orion Tree Orion Grove - Gulch Tower Tree