Tall Trees Grove

Notes: Tall Trees Grove, also known as Arcata Redwood Company (ARCo) Grove of the Giants, is located near the confluence of Redwood Creek and Tom McDonald Creek in Redwood National Park.

Tall Trees Grove includes 2 former world's tallest trees (Howard Libbey and Nugget), 2 of the 20 tallest trees on Earth (Nugget and Paul Zahl), the 5th fastest-growing redwood (Nugget), and 2 of the 30 largest coast redwoods (Melkor and Redwood Creek Giant). The grove contains 5 trees taller than 350 ft (106.68 m), 3 trees taller than 360 ft (109.73 m), 1 tree taller than 370 ft (112.78 m), 2 trees larger than 25,000 ft3 (708 m3), and 1 tree larger than 30,000 ft3 (850 m3).

Nugget is the tallest tree and Melkor is the largest tree in Tall Trees Grove.

National Geographic photographer Michael K. Nichols published an aerial photograph of Tall Trees Grove. Filmmaker Miguel Galindo published aerial footage of Tall Trees Grove, Redwood Creek, and Tom McDonald Creek (Hyperion Valley).

Tall Trees Grove includes the following coast redwoods:

  • Deadwood Giant (fell 2019)
  • Foggy Burl
  • Gravel Bar

Drive: Tall Trees Grove is 251 mi (404 km) north of San Francisco near the community of Orick.

From U.S. Highway 101 just north of Orick, turn onto Bald Hills Road and drive 7.0 mi (11.3 km) to the Tall Trees Grove Access Road (locked gate: reservation required). Turn right onto Tall Trees Grove Access Road, unlock the gate using the combination code provided in your reservation confirmation email, and drive south 5.2 mi (8.4 km) on the unpaved road to the Tall Trees trailhead parking lot.

Hike: From the trailhead, hike west/downhill 1.4 mi (2.3 km) on Tall Trees Trail to Tall Trees Grove.

Rating: Easy One-Way Distance: 1.4 mi (2.3 km) Ascent: 21 ft (6 m)
Time: 35 min Off-Trail: 0 ft (0 m) Descent: 636 ft (194 m)
Tall Trees Grove Hike Map

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Tall Trees Grove - Aerial view of Tall Trees Grove Tall Trees Grove - Tall Trees Loop Trail Tall Trees Grove - Paul Zahl Tree Tall Trees Grove - Howard Libbey Tree Tall Trees Grove - Melkor Tree Tall Trees Grove - Nugget/National Geographic Tree Tall Trees Grove - Redwood Creek Giant Tree Tall Trees Grove - Hill-Davis Tree Tall Trees Grove - Redwood Creek